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The Maniac Membership is specially designed to develop lean leaders at all levels of your organization.

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QuickSmarts Collection

Get the entire QuickSmarts collection of courses from the Lean Starter Membership!

This includes access to:

  • 5S Productivity - teaching all five practices of sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.
  • Kaizen Best Practices - teaching how to best reach peak performance of highest quality, lowest cost, and prompt delivery.
  • The 7 Wastes of Lean - teaching how to see and eliminate the classic seven wastes of lean.
  • Standardization and Standard Work - teaching how to leverage standardization as the foundation of excellence and continuous improvement.

The Fundamentals of Lean

You also get access to my Fundamentals of Lean course, containing 4.5 hours of in-depth video training. It's the perfect resource to develop lean leaders and experts within your organization.

Experience Lean at Xylem Design

Join me (virtually) at Xylem Design in Colorado, USA! This course is an in-depth look at a successful lean implementation at a 25-30 person cabinetry shop. Go on tour, interview employees, see lean artifacts and tools, and hear from CEO Greg Glebe.

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