Get Everyone Trained in 5S

Create Total Participation

Engage every associate in waste-eliminating 5S practices and unlock the full potential of your organization. Make your people a true competitive advantage!

Capture Low-Hanging Fruit

Reap the immense productivity and quality gains of a highly engaged lean-thinking organization where every person practices kaizen (aka continuous improvement). 5S is an easy quick-win for eliminating waste and standardizing your work environment.

Establish a Culture of Discipline

The 5S rituals of sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain assist in establishing widespread discipline throughout your organization. It begs and requires total commitment, which is a prerequisite for forming a lean organization.

5S Training Made Easy

We've included everything you need in one flexible and effective package.

  • Bite-sized on-demand videos covering the essential practices of 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain).

  • 6 core training modules containing everything you need to know about 5S (35 min).

  • 40+ supplemental YouTube videos to reinforce concepts with real-life examples from a variety of industries (90 min).

Deliver Training on Your Terms

  • On the shop floor

    Play videos in daily stand up meetings. With 46+ videos, you'll be able to teach and reinforce lean behaviors for weeks and months to come!

  • In your next workshop

    Use the course as a complete 5S curriculum in your next training class or workshop. Train management. Train associates. And even kick-off kaizen events.

  • At any computer

    Assign training to be completed at the learner's own workstation or desk. Any device with an internet connection will work (phones and tablets included)!

  • For each new hire

    Accelerate new hire comprehension with targeted lean training! Ensure that lean behaviors are taught for years to come.

  • In your next kaizen event

    Prepare participants in your next kaizen event with effective lean knowledge. Make sure they hit the ground running...and in the right direction!

Course Curriculum

Video 1: Introduction to 5S

  • Discover the what 5S is and why it works
  • Learn the two purposes of 5S
  • Acquire a high-level understanding of sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain
  • Realize the consequences of NOT practicing 5S
  • Understand the benefits of 5S practices
  • Discover two tips for success

Video 2: Sort

  • Learn definition of sort
  • Understand the problem of clutter in terms of efficiency and abnormality control
  • Learn how to red tag effectively
  • Discover simplified way to manage a red tag area

Video 3: Set in Order (Straighten)

  • Discover the next step after sorting: set in order!
  • See examples of set in order in action
  • Learn the lean saying "a place for everything, and everything in its place"
  • Understand set in order in terms of efficiency and abnormality control
  • Learn strategies for identifying opportunities for set in order

Video 4: Shine (Sweep)

  • Learn the real purpose of shine--it's more than just cleaning!
  • Overview common examples of mess that are subject to shine activities
  • Learn to eliminate the sources of mess in the workplace

Video 5: Standardize

  • Understand the first three S's of 5S in terms of standardization
  • Learn to sustain your efforts by setting expectations and standards for 5S practices
  • Realize that standardization is not limited to just cleaning
  • Understand the usefulness and time requirements for 5S audits

Video 6: Sustain

  • Review the two purposes of 5S
  • Realize that there's no good alternative to 5S; you've got to do it!
  • Understand that sustainment is everyone's responsibility
  • Learn five recommendations for long-term 5S success

Reinforce with 40+ YouTube Videos

No need to go looking for the best. We already found them.