Lean Smarts Accelerator

It's Your Time to Launch

Introduce Yourself to Lean, FAST!

Get up to speed quick with the essential concepts of lean production. Enter a world of value and waste, kaizen, and shift your paradigm of management.

Achieve Immediate Results & Quick Wins

Learn how rapid results are obtained via kaizen events, and discover the longterm necessity of developing daily continuous improvement behaviors.

Set a Foundation for Lean Culture

Discover the management practices and processes necessary for supporting lean transformation at your organization.

Do you need a "quick start" workshop to get you acquainted and working with lean practices?

In May 2020 (in the middle of COVID-19) we launched our Lean Smarts Accelerator to accelerate lean in your organization so you can start getting results and laying a right foundation--quick!

The entire 4-day webinar event (2 hours &  42 minutes) is now available for replay in the Lean Smarts Academy.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Learning to See Waste and Value

Runtime: 34 minutes

  • Learn the difference between value and waste.
  • See a time study and analysis of waste, exposing 90+% of non-value-adding activity.
  • Discover all 7 wastes of lean and extreme process improvement is accomplished when eliminating waste.

Lesson 2: Eliminating Waste Radically and Gradually

Runtime: 44 minutes

  • Learn how to use kaizen events for achieving massive and immediate results.
  • Walkthrough a case study to convert batch assembly processes into one-piece flow.
  • Discover the three behaviors necessary for establishing a culture of daily continuous improvement (i.e. kaizen).

Lesson 3: Managing for Lean Transformation

Runtime: 48 minutes

  • Discover how lean management differs radically from conventional management practices.
  • Learn the three management practices that establish and sustain lean culture at your organization.
  • See examples of leader standard work, visual controls, and daily accountability boards for both large and small organizations.

Lesson 4: Developing Lean Maniacs at Your Organization

Runtime: 36 minutes

  • Walkthrough our process of designing a lean training program intended to make a lean maniac out of every associate.
  • Make the complexity of designing a training program simple by comparing pros & cons of various training approaches.
  • Aquire a general framework of the various needs that must be met for an enterprise-wide training program to succeed.