A Key to Crazy Lean Success

Control the Chaos

Standardization is the key to eliminating instability and variation in your processes. Apply it to get the upper hand on your processes, get away from "firefighting," and finally control the chaos.

Sustain Your Gains

Learn the not-so-sexy secret to longterm lean success: standardization! If you don't learn to standardize, you will never sustain your gains. Kaizen will fail!

Unlock Unlimited Improvement

Realize how true kaizen (aka continuous improvement) is about continuously improving standards, and engage your whole organization in the practice of improvement.

Standardization, But Actually Fun!

You might not think standardization is that cool or important, but that's because we're the first to actually make it fun!

  • Bite-sized on-demand videos covering essential practices of standardization.

  • 7 training modules containing everything you need to know about standardization (35 min).

  • Supplemental YouTube videos to reinforce concepts with real-life examples from a variety of industries.

Deliver Training on Your Terms

  • On the shop floor

    Play videos in daily stand up meetings. Reinforce lean behaviors for weeks and months to come!

  • In your next workshop

    Use the course as a complete standardization curriculum in your next training class or workshop. Train management. Train associates. And even kick-off kaizen events.

  • At any computer

    Assign training to be completed at the learner's own workstation or desk. Any device with an internet connection will work (phones and tablets included)!

  • For each new hire

    Accelerate new hire comprehension with targeted lean training! Ensure that lean behaviors are taught for years to come.

  • In your next kaizen event

    Prepare participants in your next kaizen event with effective lean knowledge. Make sure they hit the ground running...and in the right direction!

Enroll in the Course

Available to all memberships in the Lean Smarts Academy.

What You'll Learn Inside the Course

  • How standardization is fundamental to success with kaizen

  • Six characteristics of great standards

  • How to sustain your improvements by maintaining standards

  • The true meaning of continuous improvement: the continuous improvement of standards!

Course Curriculum

Video 1: Introduction to Standardization

  • Learn the difference between a standard, standardization, and standard work.
  • Discover 9 reasons why standardization is critical to your success.
  • Realize how standardization is essential for kaizen to work properly.

Video 2: Debunking Myths About Standardization

  • Myth #1: standardization limits creativity and individualism.
  • Myth #2: standard work is permanent.
  • Myth #3: standards are used to beat people up.
  • Myth #4: standard work is self-explaining.
  • Myth #5: standard operating procedures (SOPs) are sufficient.

Video 3: Characteristics of Great Standards

  • Learn how to develop world-class standards by making them: safe, high quality, the best demonstrated, simple, visual, and physical.
  • Avoid common pitfalls when developing standards.

Video 4: The Goal of Stability

  • Learn to avoid the trap of standardizing a process that is not yet stable.
  • Discover the 4M's of man, machine, material, and method, and how they influence the stability of a process.

Video 5: Standards Must Be Maintained

  • Discover why injecting some energy into maintaining standards is absolutely essential.
  • Learn to appreciate the importance of following up on standards on a regular basis.
  • Realize the importance of focussing on the process, not the person!

Video 6: Standards Must Be Improved

  • Realize that every improvement must START and END with a standard.
  • Realize that in the absence of a standard, the first improvement is to create one!
  • Discover three consequences of failing to standardize an improvement.

Enroll in the Course

Available to all memberships in the Lean Smarts Academy.