Learn the 7 wastes. Have fun as you do it.

Daniel CrawfordHi there,

Nothing pains me more than seeing training on the 7 wastes of lean that is... well... boring.

That's because the 7 wastes are FUN!

They are the easiest opportunity to teach lean at a heart-level to every team member in an organization.

Once upon a time, I made the mistake of teaching lean with boring methods. I vowed never to do it again.

So I created this course. Now you can learn the 7 wastes and have fun as you do it!



Why Should You Join Right Now?

  • Get past resistance to lean with FUN and relatable videos.

  • Save the money you could be spending on other training packages.

  • Inject new life into your next meeting, training, or kaizen event.

  • Get everyone trained, on-demand, on any device, and anywhere with an Internet connection.

What's Inside the Course

  • 10 high quality HD videos

    Videos are composed of live-action footage from Daniel's kitchen and overlaying slides to emphasize key points.

  • 60+ minutes of original instruction

    Each video is about 6 minutes long, making it perfect for on-demand and bite-sized training.

  • Supplemental YouTube video links

    Deepen your understanding with outside examples of the 7 wastes in action. We link you to the best.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Start Here

    • The 8 Wastes of Lean

    • Funny Overview (YouTube)

  • 2

    The 8 Wastes of Lean

    • The Waste of Motion

    • The Waste of Inventory

    • The Waste of Over Processing

    • The Waste of Defects

    • The Waste of Waiting

    • The Waste of Transportation

    • The Waste of Over Production

    • The Waste of Human Potential

  • 3

    Bonus Videos

    • One-Piece Flow vs. Mass Production (Lean Smarts)

    • Eliminating Motion in the Kitchen

  • 4

    Additional Resources

    • YouTube Video Training Links